About ANR Rabbit Farm

ANR Rabbit Farms is a Best Rabbit farm in Telangana/Andra Pradesh, started in Jun 2010 with lots of aspirations to grow as top supplier in this industry. We have started our farm with 20 breeders/2 units, now we have 4,000+ Rabbits, Bunnies(Baby rabbits) and Breeders. We have various choices for our customers based on their need. Our Rabbits are best in Class since we are using industry top quality feed and grass as food for our rabbits. We ensure to make the farm neat and tidy. Our rabbits are best for Research labs. We are contentiously learning new ways to improve Rabbit farming and growing our Farm. 

Rabbit meat is considered as one best Meat among other available in the Market, and healthy food for all ages. Now a days nutritionists are also referring and suggesting to consume Rabbit meat for Non-veg lovers. Recent studies have also shown that rabbit compares favorably to chicken in its low cholesterol content.  Anyone concerned about heart disease should consider the merits of rabbit meat.

Here are some Facts about rabbit meat

We welcome visitor to interact with a wide range of rabbit varieties and breeders, with years of experience we are ready to educate our visitors on Rabbit farming. We also encourage new customer to join and we give the knowledge about the industry.  
One can start Rabbit farming with small investment at less area like farm, backyard, and terrace to get considerable income. We will provide all possible information about the Rabbit farming, its farming techniques & give the details of the farming.

ANR Rabbit Farms is a Growing industry located very near to Hyderabad/Secundrabad, We have wide range of Rabbit Varieties, Breeders, and Bunnies. We process and sell Rabbit Meat as well. We can supply infrastructure for Rabbit Farming.

Thank you.
For Orders and inquiries Please reach us on +91 99484 57834 info@anrrabbitfarms.com or anrrabbitfarms@gmail.com